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The world's second most popular cut flower after the rose, carnations are a staple of any flower shop. A time honoured and traditional choice, carnations are ever-popular being big on colour, low on cost and one of the most long-lasting flowers available to florists. Sometimes overlooked for being too old fashioned, carnations have enjoyed something of a revival in recent years, with new and more unusual coloured carnations now often featuring in trendy floral displays at high-end restaurant and boutique fashion retailers. From mint green to fuchsia, carnations can be combined with architectural components such as twisted willow to provide a softer edge, or tightly massed for a bold, contemporary addition to any bouquet or arrangement.

A staple postal flowers choice, carnations are equally at home in everything from birthday hand tieds to flower baskets, boutique bouquets to large corporate arrangements. Carnations are popular the world over and unlike some flower varieties convey much the same message in almost every country and language, meaning they can be sent and received abroad without worry. Amongst florists, carnations are appreciated for their versatility, used for all manner and styles of floristry, all the while providing a hugely colourful display in the flower shop or window area.

Carnations Delivered for FREE

Carnation flowers are available in almost every colour under the sun, including bi- and tri-coloured varieties, such as a pretty lemon yellow carnation with candy pink stripes and cerise petal tips. Quite uniquely, owing to the sheer number of different varieties, carnations are not only available in many colours, but in many, many shades of a single, given colour. For example, a beautiful bouquet could consist solely of carnations and feature four or five shades of one or two colours, such as purple, lilac, lavender and cobalt blue - an ultimately simplistic bouquet, purely consisting of carnations, but encompassing an entire colour palette. Especially popular at Mother's Day, carnations combine perfectly with roses, interspersed with a little foliage, for a full, vibrant, long-lasting bouquet which any lucky recipient will surely adore. While there may be many hundreds of varieties and colours, all carnations are beautiful and we're proud to offer an extensive collection for delivery across the UK and internationally, available to order online year round, 24 hours a day, whoever the lucky recipient and whatever the occasion or celebration - maybe even "just because!"

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