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The chrysanthemum is one of the most varied and versatile flowers, not only in floristry, but in the entire world of flowers. With more varieties than just about any other flower, chrysanthemums can vary from tiny button-like flowers to huge spider-like blooms. Single-headed and spray varieties exist for most chrysanthemum types, with spray chrysanthemums having many individual flowers on each stem. Also known as "mums" or "chrysanths" to florists and gardeners alike, native predominantly to East Asia where they historically been used to make tea, and originally cultivated in China where the leaves are still used in cooking. The Royal Horticultural Society alone now recognises over 140 chrysanthemum varieties.

You can find chrysanthemums in almost every colour under the sun - from snow white to blood red, every shade of yellow, orange and pink imaginable, lime green, peach, purple - you name it, the chrysanthemum has it! Dyed varieties also exist, in shades of vivid blue, hot pink and tropical orange to mention just a few.

Utterly versatile, chrysanthemum varieties appear in everything from birthday bouquets to corporate arrangements, wedding flowers to funeral tributes. Much like carnations, chrysanthemums have picked up a reputation for being somewhat old fashioned, a reputation which we firmly believe is ill-deserved. Chrysanthemum flowers are beautiful, and their varieties are wide ranging. From daisy-like flowers which look almost identical to those which grow in gardens up and down the country to huge peony-like blooms which would look more at home in a Japanese water garden - few flower varieties are as versatile as the not-so-humble chrysanthemum.