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Gerbera flowers and smaller germini varieties - or miniature gerberas - are popular the world over, available in a startling array of colours and styles. Gerberas and germini are most typically available as circular, daisy-like flowers with rounded petals and a contrasting centre. Popular colours include red, yellow, white, pink, purple, range and cream, with bi-colour or mixed coloured varieties available. The centres are often black or yellow, but also available in white, or in the same colour as the flower itself, giving a less daisy-like appearance. Varieties include such names as sunspot, good mood and faith, while certain varieties are available in a less common spider variety, with wispy, pointed petals. Another variety available features many additional petals, sometimes called double or double-headed, crested or duplex, giving a pom-pom appearance, which again is less daisy-like and more reminiscent of a chrysanthemum bloom or similar.

Both full-sized and miniature gerberas have a long vase life with a little care and attention, while the traditional gerbera is also available in potted plant form. In the world of fresh cut flowers, the gerbera may droop a little after a few days. This can be remedied by applying a brief pin prick to the stem of the flower, right at the top, where the stem meets the bloom. That, and keeping the stems trimmed and the vase water fresh, will ensure that your gerberas look tip-top for as long as possible. All varieties of fresh cut gerbera and germini flower benefit from arriving "in full bloom" by virtue of the fact that they are cut once they have fully flowered. While lilies or roses might arrive in bloom, by the very nature of the flower, and to maximise vase life, the longevity of cut gerbera flowers mean they will arrive in full flower but still look beautiful and fresh for a good long while.

Gerberas were first discovered in 1884, in South Africa, by Professor Robert Jameson, a Scottish naturalist and mineralogist, and now rank as the fifth most popular flower in floristry, behind roses, carnations, chrysanthemum flowers and tulips. Gerberas are closely related to both sunflowers and asters, both of which are popular British flowers, although gerberas thrive in more tropical climes. Owing to their bright colours, sturdy stem and bloom and long vase life, gerberas and germini are popular with florists and recipients alike and feature in everything from birthday bouquets to bridal arrangements, and from seasonal flower baskets to funeral tributes. While there may be many hundreds of varieties and colours, all gerberas are beautiful and we're proud to offer an extensive collection for delivery across the UK and internationally, available to order online year round, 24 hours a day, whoever the lucky recipient and whatever the occasion or celebration - maybe even "just because!"