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Roses are one of the most popular flower varieties favoured not only by florists, but by customers and recipients alike. What's more, roses are a popular choice with keen gardeners who are often familiar with rose varieties, especially English-grown roses, or roses which can be grown in UK gardens. From dainty spray roses and tea varieties to luxurious long-stemmed 'Grand Prix' red roses, florists around the world are lucky to be able to choose from a vast array of roses, both home grown and those from abroad. From Kenya to Columbia, the Dutch flower fields to the greenhouses and gardens of England, there's never been a wider choice of roses available.

Popular varieties in floristry include passion, a beautiful bright red rose, avalanche, with its off-white creamy colour and large head, and aqua - slightly confusing in name, being a vibrant pink colour. Less common roses which are also seen in flower shops include the lilac-coloured 'cool water' and 'black baccara' which is a very, very dark velvety red - almost black in colour as the name would suggest. Popular rose colours include red, white, yellow orange and pink - from baby pink to coral, peach and fuchsia. Very much on-trend at the moment are more antique-looking shades such as cream, lilac - or lavender - and lemon. The most vibrant coloured roses are in fact often white ones which have been coloured with dye, such as the bright blue roses which you might've seen. That said, there are vibrant green and mint green roses which are completely natural and really stand out from the crowd.

Rose colours are often believed to signify particular feelings, as is the number of roses sent. For example 12 roses in many parts of the world are deemed to be the most romantic floral gesture, while in some places, a dozen roses is believed to be unlucky and instead, 11 or 13 roses would be sent. Colour-wise, red roses traditionally symbolise love and passion, while white roses are said to signify purity and innocence. Pink roses can be sent to indicate many feelings from appreciation and gratitude to admiration, joy or even feelings of sympathy. Yellow is for friendships and new beginnings, orange for desire, peach as a measure of sincerity and lilac or lavender for enchantment. Ultimately a rose is what you make it and we believe in choosing the variety which is right for you and which will be adored by your lucky recipient, whatever the variety, colour or number of stems. While all roses may not be created equal, all roses are beautiful and we're proud to offer an extensive collection for delivery across the UK and internationally, available to order online year round, 24 hours a day, whoever the lucky recipient and whatever the occasion or celebration - maybe even "just because!"

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